Friday, March 2, 2012

Del Rimon Farris

Born in -516 (During novel COMPANIONS)
Changed over in -505 (age 11)
Founds Zeor in -468 (37 years past Changeover.)
Delri has 2 girl children who are channels.  If they die, V might become his heir.
Delri is 48 at beginning of Farris Channel.
Aipensha is much younger.

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  1. this entry is all the notes I took on Delri as I wrote THE FARRIS CHANNEL. So add as comments anything about him that you noticed that would help you remember where he fits into a scene.

    Also list here the characters you want listed in this Dramatis Personae. I think The Farris Channel may have more characters than any of the other Sime~Gen Novels.